Gary P. Guido

As a Marine and a combat veteran, I am appalled after hearing of the terrible school shooting in Parkland! more

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Congress has done it once more, and the present administration has joined in! more

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President Trump turned out to be a bully without a bat as he faced Russia’s Putin. more

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The Republican Senate and President Trump have blinders on and all they can see is that the ACA was signed by President Obama, a “black man” in the Office of President. more

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Ignorance is too soft a term for how the Republican Congress behaved after they voted to dump the Affordable Care Act. more

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I don’t know if you realize it, but you have been publishing classic anti-Semitic [language] from a man named Gary Guido. more

Letters to the Editor

Recently a North Country lady told me her daughter broke into tears when she heard Trump was elected. more

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Is anyone getting tired of the same old song and dance from the same miserable people? Especially Mr. Gary Phillip Guido. more

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In this week’s paper, I was surprised to find my name mentioned in the ‘opinions’ section. more

Letters to the Editor

It makes sense that Trump would pick Andrew Puzder for Secretary of Labor! He is anti-labor, a wife abuser and supports cutting wages. more

Letters to the Editor

As I read the letter a few weeks ago from John Sharkey of Ticonderoga, with regard to “Does Character Matter,” I couldn’t agree more. more


New signage and beautiful bouquets of flowers at every entrance to town are greeting visitors coming to Ticonderoga! more


The recent letter by Tom Allen of Ticonderoga makes sense and brings out two problems. more


To the Times of Ti: Recent publicity would have one believe all is well at Fort Ticonderoga! Nothing could be further from the truth as recent events have proved! In June of 2010 the streets and businesses of Ticonderoga were filled with reenactors! Local residents had a hard time finding elbowroom in our restaurants and diners and this was fine for the reenactors brought revenue to our community! This past June there was hardly a notice of reenactors as many boycotted the activities at the fort due to bad feelings between them and the staff! more


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