Recently, a friend began vigorously complaining about our current state of the union and then confessed that she had not voted in the last presidential election because she didn’t like either candidate. more

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Regular readers of my State Headliners column may have noticed that I don’t always name the Vermont’s left-leaning policy pushers. more

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Elise Stefanik has really gotten low using a 17-year-old to tape conversations of Tedra Cobb, her opponent in the upcoming Congressional election. more

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MIDDLEBURY | Two respected Vermont Republicans have endorsed Gov. Phil Scott for reelection. more

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The sleepy summertime political season was disrupted with a bang last month with the release of secret video in which Tedra Cobb, a Democrat challenging Rep. Elise Stefanik, told a group of teenagers she wanted to ban assault weapons... more

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ELIZABETHTOWN |  The U.S. Department of Commerce is moving ahead with tariffs on imported Canadian newsprint, albeit lower than those initially proposed. more

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WEST RUTLAND | When it comes to political power and the state senate, Addison County has maintained its Democratic dominance in recent decades. more

The Vermont Eagle

We all know that money buys political influence. more

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There are several facts almost every Vermonter can tell you about Vermont: we were the first state to abolish slavery, first to pass civil unions, and the first to pass same-sex marriage through the legislature. more

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SCHROON LAKE | Dr. Lynn Kahn bustled around her home as uncertain skies threatened rain, moving books around, shuffling policy papers and mindful of the quiche burbling away in the oven. more

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MIDDLEBURY | Although Vermont’s statewide voting rights were linked to U.S. citizenship after 1828, non-citizens continued to participate as voters and government officials at the local level. more

The Vermont Eagle

Immediately after the primary, Rep. Elise Stefanik declined to answer a question about who made up the nickname “Taxin’ Tedra” but went on to say “she voted for tax increases and it’s sticking,” indicating the only goal here is to label and mislead. more

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ADDISON | Addison County resident and dairy farmer Peter Briggs has announced that he will seek, for a second time, the Vermont State Senate seat in Addison County. more

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Given the upcoming battle over the recent nomination of Brent Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court, I thought it might be worthwhile to look at the oath each member has sworn to uphold. more

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PLATTSBURGH | Elizabeth Gibbs, an English teacher at Peru High School, has entered the running to represent Ward 3 on the Plattsburgh Common Council. more

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MIDDLEBURY | The Vermont Constitution of 1777, in which Vermont declared itself an independent state, reflected its drafters’ desire to make suffrage broadly inclusive. more

The Vermont Eagle

MONTPELIER | The upcoming Aug. 14 primary is only for candidates of Vermont’s three major parties: Democratic, Republican and Progressive. more

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PLATTSBURGH | A city government-wide code of conduct proposed by Mayor Colin Read was torpedoed last week with a unanimous rejection from the Plattsburgh Common Council. more

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PLATTSBURGH | In the wake of what he characterized as a wave of negative press, Plattsburgh Mayor Colin Read proposed a new city government-wide code of conduct designed to maintain taxpayer trust and promote harmonious work... more

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  • The world's first nuclear power plant to produce electricity from the atom: Experimental Breeder Reactor 1, in the Great Basin Desert of Idaho. Photo taken July 2014.

  • Pete Chagnon, a life-long Vermonter and proud U.S. Navy veteran, said the high cost of living in the state was a key factor in his decision to move to Maine instead of retiring his home state.

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    The Adirondack Park turned 40 this year. At their annual meeting on July 18, attendees said the political climate is markedly different than when the region’s leading environmental advocacy organization was launched in 1975. Pictured above: Executive Director William Janeway poses with former board chairs at the Heaven Hill Farm in Lake Placid.

  • A bond slatted to pay for renovations at Charlotte Central School is less expensive than originally thought. (Image courtesy CCS)

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    At its recent meeting, the Middlebury Select Board authorized Town Manager Kathleen Ramsay to submit a grant application to the Addison County Regional Planning Commission's Transportation Advisory Committee.

  • North Country lawmakers are livid that Joyce Mitchell, who pled guilty to her role in the escape of two inmates from Clinton Correctional last month, will continue to receive her state pension.

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