The Republican Senate and President Trump have blinders on and all they can see is that the ACA was signed by President Obama, a “black man” in the Office of President. more

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At the suggestion of a friend, I recently viewed a video on YouTube — “Three Stages of Jihad: Stealth, Defensive, Offensive” — produced by Answering Muslims: The Islamoblog of Acts 17 Apologetics. more

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WILLSBORO — Attendees of the town’s long-running Veterans Day Dinner received an intimate glimpse at American military operations abroad on Friday when they received a briefing from a top-ranking military official. more

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RUTLAND — Approval of a secret plan to make Rutland a refugee resettlement center has divided the community and left many unanswered questions about security and financial risks for the city. more

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RUTLAND — It’s a big deal when a founding father and official of the U.S. Department of Homeland Security chooses Rutland for a major speaking engagement. more

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Mateen accomplished what he set out to do: kill lots of gay people. He cited ISIS as a way to increase his fame in his hour of infamy. more

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MONTPELIER — Gun-rights advocates in Vermont say the push for gun control following the Orlando terrorist attack will ensure losses for Democratic gubernatorial candidates in the November election. more

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It’s Sunday afternoon and once again we are shocked at the senseless death of 49 people and another 53 seriously injured who were going about their lives in Orlando when a lone terrorist, who had pledged his allegiance to ISIS, opened fire. more

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KEENE VALLEY — Foreign scholars from an innovative program at McGill University will again share their voices with local residents. more

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Taking in Syrian refugees might be different from taking in legal immigrants. more

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Last week while struggling to find a topic for this column my wife shared a passage she found recently in a book authored by Paul Ryan, titled “How We Got Here.” more

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