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PLATTSBURGH | Tara Powers, a marketing and communications consultant, has signed on as the new special events coordinator for the City of Plattsburgh. more

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CHESTER | Chester Supervisor Craig Leggett believes the town needs entry signs as part of an ongoing branding and marketing effort. more

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We used to get an endorphin rush from watching likes, follows and shares stream in on social media. more

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MIDDLEBURY | According to Irish-U.K. based C&C Group plc, starting April 1, its wholly owned subsidiary, the Vermont Hard Cider Company, LLC (VTHCC), will resume its own responsibility for sales and marketing. more

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CHESTERTOWN | The Town of Chester appropriated another $7,000, Oct. 10, to pay the North Warren Chamber of Commerce for collecting information about the town and why tourists choose to visit the Chestertown area. more

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LAKE GEORGE | Plan calls for “immediate transition” to visitor’s bureau more

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ELIZABETHTOWN | Essex County’s tourism marketing agency says visitors spent $63 each last year for every dollar spent on getting them here. more

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ESSEX — The Hub on the Hill is adding a new delivery vehicle, a solar-powered, refrigerated truck. more

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RUTLAND — One of Vermont’s Rising Stars is about to start marketing one of Vermont’s rising regions. more

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ELIZABETHTOWN — Sun Community News is proud to announce the 2017 continuation of the program launched last year designed to assist local charitable organizations in their marketing efforts. more

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