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Ed Pontacoloni, your guest viewpoint does not add up! more

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The $1.3 trillion budget passed last week is expected to push our national debt to over $22 trillion, and this is only a six-month budget. more

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ALBANY | Gov. Andrew Cuomo isn’t mincing words when it comes to the tax reform bill that cleared the U.S. Senate last week, calling it “trickle-down on steroids” and “a fraud” perpetrated on the American public. more

The Sun

Every time I hear congressional leaders and others claim that this tax reform bill is for “the American people,” I cringe, because what comes after is nothing but a con job demonstrating just how gullible they think most of us are. more

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Congress has done it once more, and the present administration has joined in! more

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Congress finds itself in a pickle. Okay, I’ll bite. more

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It’s amazing to me how much time, energy and money is being wasted on this Paris Accord issue of global warming in hopes of changing temperature by less than 1 degree 80 years from now as if that’s the biggest problem we face. more

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John McCaughry [sic], one of the main persons of the Koch Brother front group the Ethan Allen Institute, described the U.S. national debt as our biggest problem to “America and our global civilization”. more

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ADDISON – If you watch the news media, and especially the accounts of things like the Peoples’ March for Climate, Jobs and Justice, you would believe that the most critical problems facing America are... more

The Vermont Eagle

“Son, you’re 18 now. As an American citizen that means you’ll vote for the first time in the upcoming election.” more

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There is no source more neutral than the Office of the Budget to which my daughter reminded me recently. more

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One legacy that President Obama has blessed us with, and Hillary and Bernie wish to enhance, is spending, and therefore, debt. more

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Last month the Fiscal Times reported that the same office in the Defense Department that spent $43 million to build a luxury gas station that was slated to cost $3 million has now spent nearly $150 million of taxpayer money on private villas in Afgha more

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Yet again our leadership in Washington has let us down for the sake of political expediency. more

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I struggled listening to the first Democrat Presidential Debate last week. Knowing the national debt now stands at $18.4 Trillion dollars and growing, it’s hard to imagine how they could continue to discuss expanding free give away programs. more

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