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Day after day, year after year, we suffer through the Russian collusion ghost story as if it actually happened and isn’t costing tens of millions of tax dollars. more

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George, I realize that your letter is a quick reaction to John O’Neill’s letter about the Republican takeover by the extreme right, but the idea that the Democrats have been taken over by the extreme left is actually funny. more

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Kent Weakley

News about a recent Trump administration housing plan has a few local landlords worried. more

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WILLSBORO | Walking along a burbling river flowing through her adopted hometown, Rep. Elise Stefanik got a crash course in all-things aquatic, including the migration habits of salmon and habitat restoration. more

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WATERTOWN | President Trump will visit upstate New York on Monday, his first trip to the region since he took office last January. more

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This letter is in rebuttal to John O’Neill’s letter “GOP being hijacked by radical right.” more

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MIDDLEBURY | Two respected Vermont Republicans have endorsed Gov. Phil Scott for reelection. more

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Ed Pontacoloni, your guest viewpoint does not add up! more

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For an unprecedented 104 consecutive months, the economy has grown. more

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PLATTSBURGH | Each of the candidates seeking to take on Rep. Elise Stefanik (R-Willsboro) in this fall’s midterm elections supports a universal health care system. more

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MIDDLEBURY | When former President Barack Obama made universal pre-K education a national goal and a household term during his 2008 campaign for the White House, many of the state’s educrats responded with an effort to adopt a one-size-fits-all... more

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Each week I tell myself, enough already — quit barking up the same tree. more

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PLATTSBURGH | The North Country Chamber of Commerce has released its annual survey of businesses. more

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PLATTSBURGH | The Canadian government has signed an agreement that will expedite travel and commerce at the U.S. and Canadian border. more

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The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) repealed net neutrality laws last week, a measure that will undoubtedly change the way people across the U.S. interact with the internet — especially here in the remote North Country. more



U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission

Vermont utilities have to import “offset” nuclear power via New Hampshire’s Seabrook Nuclear Power Station, a zero-carbon, high energy workhorse. more


White House press secretary rationalized lifting the import ban on endangered big game trophies by claiming it was decided by career civil servants appointed by Obama. more

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RUTLAND | Don Chioffi, a retired Vermont state legislator, educator and Vietnam veteran, has been named “Citizen Activist of the Year” by Washington, D.C.-based ACT! for America. more

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ELIZABETHTOWN | People come to the Adirondacks to escape from urban woes. more

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