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ELIZABETHTOWN | The sixth merger committee meeting between two local school districts reviewed financial conditions and tax rates of Westport Central and Elizabethtown-Lewis Central schools. more

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TICONDEROGA | Ticonderoga Central School District officials are making corrections after a state audit pointed out that some school clubs weren’t collecting sales tax for fundraiser sales. more

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PLATTSBURGH — Full-time students at Clinton Community College (CCC) could see a $344 tuition hike this semester. more

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ELIZABETHTOWN — A new report from the state comptroller’s office says slow or no revenue growth is making it difficult for municipalities to maintain services while keeping pace with rising fixed costs — including health care. more

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LAKE PLACID — Discussions are underway for Essex County to fully take over the operation of the Lake Placid Xprss, a public trolley and bus service, by the end of the year. more

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WARRENSBURG — Regardless of the bolstered state education aid in the recently enacted 2016 state budget, area school districts will likely be facing continued financial pressure in upcoming years, area school district officials predicted this week. more

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ELIZABETHTOWN — As state budget negotiations continue in Albany, Essex County’s largest employer is pushing back against what they view as policies that will be detrimental to caring for people with developmental disabilities. more

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Saranac Central School District will receive full state aid, despite having fewer school days due to the search for the two escaped Clinton Correctional Facility inmates David Sweat and Richard Matt. more

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