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Veterans Day is a time to recognize and thank those who dedicate their lives to serving our great nation and protecting our unique freedoms. The North Country is home to more veterans than any other district in New York state. Read more

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As the Representative for one of the largest constituencies of seniors in the country, it is my obligation to bring attention to the important issues that surround them and their families. Read more

Guest Columnists

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I was recently reminiscing about the various agencies I have had the pleasure of volunteering for since my retirement, including JCEO, CVPH, Literacy Volunteers and various other locations. Read more

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Ever since the day after our last presidential election, the Democrats have been resisting the current administration with every conceivable approach they can muster. Read more

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While most of us would rather not even think about our risks for cancer, we must be proactive to combat this insidious disease. For men, prostate cancer is especially prevalent, affecting 1 in every 7 men during his lifetime. Read more

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