802VT Alliance

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Photo by Lou Varricchio

RUTLAND | Poultney Selectboard member and 2018 state-senate primary candidate Terry Williams wants to draft new Republican Party candidates in time for the 2020 campaign. Read more

The Vermont Eagle

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Photo by Lou Varrichio

RUTLAND | Conservative Vermonters alarmed by political and policy trends in the state gathered recently at an 802VT Alliance meeting, and attendees had no difficulty finding controversial issues to discuss. Read more

The Vermont Eagle

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Photo by Shayne Spencer

MIDDLEBURY | Supporters of a planned boycott against seven Vermont companies, whose CEOs have publicly supported a state carbon tax, suggest that several state legislators with active links to “green” companies operating within the state have a... Read more

The Vermont Eagle

MIDDLEBURY | Danforth Pewter, a Middlebury based company, has been targeted, along with other firms, in a planned boycott by a group of anti-carbon tax citizen groups. Read more

The Vermont Eagle