PLATTSBURGH | A Keeseville man is accused of recently threatening a local TV station, just months after he allegedly made threats against a local community. Read more

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Rob Forrest

PLATTSBURGH | A recent high-speed chase through the Northern Tier ended with two accidents, three arrests and a cache of marijuana. Read more

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Bail Reform Convo Leggett LaFarr Seeber

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QUEENSBURY | The controversial state Bail and Discovery Reform laws which went into effect Jan. 1 has forced the release of suspects who are linked to serious crimes, Warren County officials were informed last week. Read more

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LAKE PLACID | A local woman is facing charges after she allegedly drove intoxicated Read more

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From the editor: It’s not always so hunky-dory when it comes to Montpelier’s power and the state’s dairy industry. A recent example illustrates that even farming isn’t immune from government’s long arm. Read more


Simon Conroy

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PLATTSBURGH | City of Plattsburgh Police arrested Clinton County legislator Simon Conroy for stalking in the fourth degree. This is the fifth arrest made on Conroy in recent months. Read more

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SCHUYLER FALLS | A local man is facing charges after police say he fired a shotgun inside a residence here. Read more

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LAKE PLACID | A Washington D.C. woman was recently arrested here after she allegedly assaulted someone during a domestic dispute in a local establishment. Read more

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LAKE PLACID | Police say a recent domestic incident in front of a child has left a Lake Placid man facing charges. Read more

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LAKE PLACID | A local man was recently jailed after he allegedly violated protection orders and assaulted someone during a domestic dispute. Read more

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John Bakken Froom

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PLATTSBURGH | A Minnesota man is behind bars for allegedly trying to lure a local child from the Crete Civic Center. Read more

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LAKE PLACID | A Connecticut man is facing DWI charges after he was recently pulled over here. Read more

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