Clinton County Budget Vote

Photo by Brian Happel

PLATTSBURGH | Clinton County legislators on both sides of the aisle say there is plenty to be happy about while also remaining vigilant about next year’s spending plan. Read more

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Moriah Central School District - Building

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MORIAH | On Tuesday, residents of Moriah Central School District approved the school’s proposed $14.9 million slate of capital repair and building projects. Read more

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Fema - Road Closed - Halloween Storm 2019

Photo by Tim Rowland

ELIZABETHTOWN | Essex County suffered $4 million worth of damage from a Halloween storm that felled trees, washed-out roads, downed power lines and caused significant destruction to private property. Read more

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Peter Welch

Photo by Lou Varricchio

WASHINGTON D.C. | On Dec. 4, the House of Representatives overwhelmingly approved legislation to crack down on unwanted and predatory robocalls.  The House vote was 417-3. Read more

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