Photo courtesy of AURA

MIDDLEBURY |  Middlebury College and seven other undergraduate institutions are now affiliated with the Association of Universities for Research in Astronomy, or AURA... more

The Vermont Eagle


J. Kirk Edwards

MIDDLEBURY | Retired Eagle news photographer J. Kirk Edwards took this stunning digital shot of the Jan. 31 partial umbral lunar eclipse using a 300mm telephoto lens. more

The Vermont Eagle


Photo by Paul Walker

MIDDLEBURY | Vermont hadn’t seen a solar eclipse since the 1990s, so Aug. 21 was a memorable date even if the event as viewed from here didn’t reach totality. more

The Vermont Eagle

STANDALONE-full moon.jpg

Photo by Cassandra Loucy

The moon rose bright over Hogback Mountain in Bristol. more

The Vermont Eagle

Silverado Galaxy NGC_3370_Hi.jpg


Now that the 2016 election is over, it’s time to realize that there are things bigger than nation states and the little affairs of humankind. more


CASTLETON — There are few scientific areas where amateurs still can make serious contributions. more

The Vermont Eagle


Illustration by Eddie Irizarry using Stellarium

MIDDLEBURY — Comet C/2013 X1—or simply Comet X1—will be visible in the Vermont sky this month for backyard observers with binoculars or small telescopes. The comet will not be visible with the naked eye. more

The Vermont Eagle


Sky map courtesy of Earth & Sky

MIDDLEBURY — Vermont residents are in for a backyard treat this month: Three planets, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn, can be seen in the night sky until a little after local midnight. more

The Vermont Eagle


Photo of John Pratt by Lou Varricchio; Mercury transit image provided

MIDDLEBURY — Former high school math teacher turned amateur astronomer John Pratt of New Haven set up his Schmidt-Cassegrain telescope on the sidewalk along Washington Street in Middlebury, May 9. more

The Vermont Eagle

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