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WESTPORT | Bill Johnston honored for projects as planning director and nonprofit work Read more

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I didn’t vote for Donald Trump and watching national TV almost borders on tedium as things are more like a political world wrestling match than the modern America I grew up in. Read more

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WESTPORT | Christmas arrives here the first weekend in December with a day full of merry Main Street flourish. Read more

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WESTPORT | George E. Maffey has been named citizen of the year by the Westport Chamber of Commerce. Read more

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WESTPORT — For the past several years, the members of the Depot Theatre Apprentice Program have performed at Ballard Park during the beginning of August. Read more

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WESTPORT — A performance by local folk rock troupe Ploughman’s Lunch will kick off this year’s Ballard Park Summer Concert Series. Read more

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WESTPORT — Whether you arrive by kayak, canoe or by land, this year’s Soundwaves is not to be missed, according to organizer Taylor Haskins. Read more

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WESTPORT — Final touches for Christmas in Westport involve reindeer antlers, light-up red noses and festive Main Street windows. Read more

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WESTPORT — The Mental Health Association (MHA) in Essex County will celebrate their 50th anniversary at Ballard Park in downtown Westport, Saturday Oct. 1. Read more

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WESTPORT – Westport’s SOUNDWAVES concert series will conclude on Aug. 11 with a performance by Nir Felder in Ballard Park at 7:30 p.m. Read more

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WESTPORT — Spirit of Place translates to the Spirit of the Champlain Valley. Read more

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Poco Más Tacos answers all of your burning questions, from working in a tight space to future plans Read more

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A trumpet sounded and notes drifted across the lake. A bassline joined, then the warm tones of Hammond organ. Read more

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