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NORTH CREEK | As the Johnsburg Town Board awarded occupancy tax funds Jan. 3, the public learned that plans are moving forward for the revival of the Upper Hudson Bluegrass Festival after its two-year hiatus. Read more

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The Adirondack Garden Club wishes to draw to your attention the dangers of neonicotinoids in many seeds and plants sold at home improvement stores, malls, hardware stores, outlets, nurseries and wherever you find seeds and plants for sale. Read more

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Bees are a familiar part of Vermont rural landscape, especially for those farmers and hobbyists who enjoy the challenges and rewards of beekeeping for either fun or profit—or both. Read more

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AU SABLE FORKS — A blue-ribbon winner at the Essex County Fair last week may have found a full-time occupation. And Seth Bushey, of Jay, is only 13-years-old. Read more

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Essex County resident Tim McGarry takes all-natural approach to beekeeping Read more

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Westport resident Tim McGarry takes all-natural approach to beekeeping Read more

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MIDDLEBURY — The growing buzz you hear in Vermont this spring may not be from bees gathering pollen so much, as from the growing concern of the threat to our bee population. Read more

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