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PLATTSBURGH | Autism Alliance of Northeastern New York, Inc. will be offering a conference this fall headlining Dr. Temple Grandin who serves as an inspiration and role model to hundreds of thousands of families and persons with autism. more

The Sun

It’s hard to watch a newscast, read a newspaper or even hear about current events and attempt to make sense of the anger that seems to have altered the general optimism that has always been a part of our country. more

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Playing by the rules has always been considered a core value in the way we conduct ourselves in this free society. more

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I have been teaching since 1992, and this will be my last year. The reason I am leaving is that I can no longer allow myself to be subjected to the foul language and disrespect I hear in schools on a daily basis. more

The Vermont Eagle

Popularity, truth, morality, politics and common sense hit the fan last week when the Harvey Weinstein story broke. more

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