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TICONDEROGA | A disturbing spike in health care costs has prompted Ticonderoga Central Schools to call on employees to be smart consumers when buying medicine or being treated for an illness. Read more

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“Overcharged: Why Americans Pay Too Much for Health Care” is a fast-paced 435-page trip through the underbelly of the health care industry, the policies that shape it, and their often undesirable and overly costly results. Read more

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MORIAH | Moriah Central School’s BackPack Program now has $500 from Excellus BlueCross BlueShield. Read more

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PLATTSBURGH | Years of legal battles between the City of Plattsburgh and retired city workers culminated last week in a settlement of $207,019 and a switch back to the retirees’ preferred health insurance provider. Read more

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On Oct. 8, 2015, then-Mayor James Calnon announced he was taking away the health insurance that was contractually guaranteed for retirees on Medicare and replacing it with a sub-standard Humana plan. Read more

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PLATTSBURGH — The city’s ongoing health care standoff with retirees boiled over last week as a retiree recounted months of grief following insurance changes. Read more

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PLATTSBURGH — The Plattsburgh City Council voted last week 4-2 to reject a plan to move retirees onto a new healthcare plan. Read more

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