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WARRENSBURG | A 2009 graduate of the Warrensburg Central is returning on March 5 to hold a free seminar on financial literacy as a public service to local residents. more

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MIDDLEBURY | Organic dairy farmers will learn about bedded and composted packs, high quality milk production, strategies for financial success and the latest organic dairy research at a day-long conference on March 15 in Randolph Center. more

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TICONDEROGA | The Ticonderoga Area Chamber of Commerce is holding fall business seminars on advertising, social  media and accounting. more

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CHESTERTOWN | An audit by the state comptroller’s office has revealed Town of Chester employees spent nearly $10,000 without getting prior approval, and spent nearly $2,000 without getting a receipt. more

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INDIAN LAKE — It is well-known that small business owners and aspiring entrepreneurs need to know how to develop a business plan and know where and how to apply for financial assistance. more

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Publishing a free community paper like The Sun, requires us to come in contact with many business sources each and every week as we work to secure income to offset the cost of our overhead. more

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