Civil War

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Photo by Tim Rowland

TICONDEROGA | Mark Barie had written several important, tightly documented, history books when he decided to delve into historical fiction. The experience, he said, was liberating. Read more

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MILTON | Civil War U.S. Army Gen. George Stannard lived in Milton, Vt. Read more

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GOSHEN | The location of Vermont Civil War veteran Willard Birchard’s final resting place is not clear, but experts know he lies in an unmarked grave somewhere within the boundaries of Goshen’s tiny historic community cemetery. Read more

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GOSHEN | Willard Birchard, sergeant in Company F, Fifth Vermont Infantry, died in 1907 in Goshen with only a $15 gold pocket watch to his name. He was a four-year veteran of the Civil War. Read more

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TICONDEROGA | Abraham Lincoln was a simple man, a humble log splitter with a self-deprecating wit and homespun tastes whose mettle was formed when he was tossed into the cauldron of the Civil War. Read more

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SALISBURY |  Vermont historian Bill Powers has spent decades researching the people and events of the Rutland-Middlebury area. Read more

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RUTLAND | A planned sculpture in downtown Rutland will honor 20 of Rutland’s heroic African-American Civil War veterans. Read more

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VERGENNES | An unidentified Civil War-era woman, possibly Mrs. Amanda Stearns posed in the Vergennes studio of photographer J. H. Stearns. Read more

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VERGENNES | A 1910 photograph of the old Vergennes Arsenal. Read more

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LEWIS | The Veteran’s Memorial park in Lewis is nearing construction’s end. Read more

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I must have missed the influx of Southern Rebels who moved to the Adirondacks, but there’s no mistaking the displays of “Stars & Bars” flying from porch roofs and pick-up trucks. Read more

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There seems to a deliberate lapse in logic on the part of Publisher Dan Alexander in his opinion piece, “Misguided Efforts.” Read more

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In a free society, there will always be those who go against the grain of conventional thinking and those who encourage them. Read more

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MIDDLEBURY – Several Addison County towns are included on the Vermont in the Civil War Heritage Trail. Read more

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This 1864 photograph taken by George Houghton shows members of the 4th Vermont Regiment Band during the Civil War. Read more

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TICONDEROGA – General U.S. Grant will be covered in a talk at the Hancock House in Ticonderoga. Read more

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TICONDEROGA – Jim Kloiber from the Civil War Preservation Trust spoke to St. Mary’s School of Ticonderoga junior high students recently to prepare them for their upcoming class trip to Gettysburg. Read more

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MIDDLEBURY — Today’s Holden Insurance Agency—with offices in Rutland and Middlebury—was founded in 1868 by Vermont Gov. Ebenizer Ormsbee (R) of Shoreham. Read more

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MIDDLEBURY — The origin of Vermont’s modern Christmas tradition actually begin around the beginning of the Civil War-era, according to librarian Marjorie Strong of the Vermont Historical Society. Read more

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TICONDEROGA – As Ticonderoga town historian, William Dolback wears many hats, including managing the town’s cemeteries and giving historical tours. Read more

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