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PLATTSBURGH | Students of the North Country held multiple climate strikes across upstate New York. Members of the student-run Youth Climate Coalition put together the Plattsburgh climate strike last Friday, Sept. 20. Read more

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PLATTSBURGH | The City of Plattsburgh Common Council appointed seven individuals to serve on the newly created City Sustainability Task Force (CSTF) at the June 6 Common Council meeting. Read more

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I found Dan Alexander’s editorial “The times they are changing” (Jan. 26) quite interesting. Read more

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BURLINGTON | Decisions farmers make over the spring and summer can dramatically increase greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions later in the winter. Read more

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PLATTSBURGH | Rising sea levels. Melting ice. Droughts. Fires burning more quickly, and more frequently, on the west coast. People in coastal towns displaced by dramatic changes to the landscape. Read more

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MONTPELIER | To listen to the renewable power industry and its supporters in the Vermont Legislature, you might think carbon taxation is the only certain way to reduce CO2 emissions. Read more

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Former Vermont State Rep. John McClaughry (elected 1968 and 1970) was also senior policy advisor to President Reagan. Read more


I take issue with the letter from Terry K. Hurlburt in your current issue of The Sun. Read more

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In order to gain “prestige” and to maintain “intellectual integrity,” should you just print only the “accepted” point of view of the anointed few as Bedell suggests? Read more

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The Dec. 11 Rutland Herald editorial, titled “Classic Conundrum,” asks whether Vermont should tax fossil fuels as “the best, most effective way to limit greenhouse gas emissions” or pass because it’s “a tough sell,”... Read more

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The quality of the newspaper is judged by the quality of its news articles, the accuracy of its reporting, the intellect of its editorial staff and the tenor of the letters to the editor. Read more

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Lance Clark’s guest op-ed was well written but dead wrong on climate change deniers. Read more

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MIDDLEBURY | November 2018 was one for the record books. Read more

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Everyone wants a peek into the future Read more

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It was good to know that those running for our congressional seat discussed environmental matters, including climate change, during one of the debates. Read more

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SILVER BAY | In a number of well-documented ways, climate change will do the Adirondacks no favors. Read more

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PLATTSBURGH | The use of hydrogen as an alternative to fossil fuels is catching on in Europe, where two dozen nations last week pledged to boost research funding into the technology. Read more

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A year ago Gov. Phil Scott created the Vermont Climate Action Commission in response to clamor generated by the state’s environmental organizations determined to make Vermonters take bold action to defeat... Read more

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As a lifelong dairy farmer, I bring a unique perspective to my work with the Governor’s Climate Action Commission. Read more

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