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TICONDEROGA | Ticonderoga Central School seventh and eighth graders will be moved from the middle school to the high school next fall as the system seeks ways to avoid a repeat of last year’s budget woes. Read more

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Ticonderoga High School

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TICONDEROGA | Hoping to avoid a repeat of last year’s budget difficulties, the Ticonderoga School Board is looking at structural, cost-saving changes that include the consolidation of its middle and high schools. Read more

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ELIZABETHTOWN | Voters of the new consolidated Elizabethtown-Lewis Central and Westport Central School District will head the polls Jan. 29 to select a new school board. Read more

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ELIZABETHTOWN | Essex County Board of Supervisors Chairman Randy Preston will not seek to lead the county next year. Read more

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Should Westport Central and Elizabethtown-Lewis Central School merge? Read more



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PLATTSBURGH | Opiates, overtime and school security dominated discussion of the faceoff between the contenders for Clinton County sheriff last week. Read more

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