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I take issue with the letter from Terry K. Hurlburt in your current issue of The Sun. Read more

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In order to gain “prestige” and to maintain “intellectual integrity,” should you just print only the “accepted” point of view of the anointed few as Bedell suggests? Read more

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The angry and undocumented claims about climate change in the letter of last week seem as willfully blind and as tragically arrogant as those of President Trump. Read more

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If conservatives are indeed governed by “cold logic” and not emotions, as Mr. Barcomb  claims, then the Republican Party has abandoned conservatism. Read more

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Photo by Kim Dedam

KEENE VALLEY | At the start of school this year, fourth-grade teacher Chad Filipski asked his students, “What kind of world do you want to live in?” Read more

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Photo provided/Adirondack History Museum

CHESTERFIELD — When a mountain fire tower marks a century standing, that’s a celebration. Read more

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Fourth-graders from Elizabethtown-Lewis, Keene, Westport and Willsboro Central recently took part in a Boquet River study assessing the health of the river. Read more

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Photo by Joanne Kennedy/Friends of Poke-O-Moonshine

CHESTERFIELD — The steep, direct route dates to the 1850s, but forest rangers began keeping watch almost 100 years ago as the Fire Tower will celebrate centennial in 2017 Read more

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