I want to express my gratitude to Todd Boutin, the tractor trailer driver who swerved to avoid an animal in the road recently. more

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WARRENSBURG | The state Department of Environmental Conservation is urging motorists to be wary of moose and use “extreme caution” while navigating roadways this month. more

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The start of October has become the unofficial start of snow tire season. more



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ELIZABETHTOWN | Work is now underway to convert the blinking traffic light at the intersection of Route 9 and Water Street in Elizabethtown to a four-way stop. more

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ELIZABETHTOWN | Essex County law enforcement personnel have a new roadside device to test for suspected drugged driving. more

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Here’s a warning to all licensed motorists, especially parents of teen drivers: Civil traffic tickets, even when a juvenile is involved, are not protected from public scrutiny. more


PLATTSBURGH | Six municipalities were recently awarded funding through the Clinton County Health Department’s Creating Healthy Schools and Communities grant. more

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Josh Larkin

MIDDLEBURY — Middlebury Police Chief Tom Hanley is among those local law enforcement officials who feel unsettled about opening the lid on legalized marijuana in Vermont. more

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TICONDEROGA — Students at Ticonderoga High School benefitted from a mock vehicle crash in front of the school the day before their prom. more

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Photo by U.S. Forest Service

MIDDLEBURY — Vermont Fish and Wildlife biologist Cedric Alexander, Vermont’s Moose Project leader, is on a mission to prevent moose-related motor vehicle accidents. more

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ELIZABETHTOWN — The Essex County Heroin-Opiod Prevention Consortium (ECHO) will be heading into lockdown in order to help teach others about the dangers of these types of drugs. more

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RUTLAND — In just a few short weeks, Rutland could be the first city in Vermont to make “dodging a red light” a punishable offense. more

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Is there a right foot braking lobby and why should we care? more

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Photo by Christina Scanlon

NORTH CREEK – Business owners, officials discuss dangers of distracted driving. more

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While on my morning commute across Route 74 this week, I have noticed several times an unsafe practice by road crews. more

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BOLTON — Bolton students in sixth through twelfth grades went behind the wheel Monday to act out the difficulties in driving while texting or with impaired abilities. more

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