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PLATTSBURGH | Tedra Cobb is having a moment. more

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Day after day, year after year, we suffer through the Russian collusion ghost story as if it actually happened and isn’t costing tens of millions of tax dollars. more

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At periods of political crisis, the genius of the U.S. Constitution shines through. more

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According to the Vermont Secretary of State’s Office, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology’s Election Data & Science Lab has released its 2016 Elections Performance Index (EPI)... more



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WASHINGTON, D.C. | Democrats introduced a package of bills last week designed to combat Russian election meddling. more

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We used to get an endorphin rush from watching likes, follows and shares stream in on social media. more

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WASHINGTON, D.C. | Republicans on the House Intelligence Committee have terminated their investigation into Russian meddling in the 2016 election. more

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In stemwinder, Capital District-area lawmaker Paul Tonko assails White House, GOP policy more

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I agree with Tim Sherman (Letter to the Editor, The Valley News Sun, Jan. 28 edition, “Democrats should live with new best buddies in Cuba”) that Democrats should stop whining about the election results and certainly... more

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I have read and listened to so many say they are disappointed, afraid and upset about the outcome of the election. I have to agree. more

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Vermont Secretary of State Jim Condos (D) chaired the statewide canvassing committee for the general election in Montpelier. more

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QUEENSBURY — Counting of absentee and provisional ballots that were impounded immediately following the Nov 8 election resumed this week, updating vote tallies for several close local races. more

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This election was ultimately about returning America to the 1950s, when men were “men” and women and minorities knew their place. more

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CROWN POINT – Crown Point Central School 5th Grade teacher Jarad Andersen bet on the presidential election and lost his hair. more

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This presidential election season was brutal. more

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QUEENSBURY — The final results of several races in the Nov. 8 election were put on hold this week, as a court order halted the counting of absentee and provisional ballots across an 11-county region. more

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Journalists, more so than the rest of us, should understand the power of words and take that into consideration whenever they’re reporting the news. more

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Very few of us saw this one coming. Watching the voting go down to the wire made for an exciting and historical election. more

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