Eric Nelson

MIDDLEBURY — Eric Nelson, Middlebury College Professor Emeritus of Studio Art, known regionally for his contemporary sculpture, demonstrates his ability as a photographer in the current exhibit Focus on the Sheldon: A Five-Point Perspective. more

The Vermont Eagle

MIDDLEBURY — Professor and photographer Kirsten Hoving is one of the artists represented in the current exhibit Focus on the Sheldon: A Five-Point Perspective on view at Middlebury’s Henry Sheldon Museum of Vermont History through May 13, 2017. more

The Vermont Eagle


Kirsten Hoving

MIDDLEBURY — The Sheldon Museum presents photographer and art historian Kirsten Hoving and sculptor and photographer Eric Nelson who will join forces to discuss the role of the object in their respective artistic practices on April 12. more

The Vermont Eagle

Hans-Kate Gridley 3-4-17.jpg

Photo by Kate Gridley

MIDDLEBURY — Beginning in the fall of 2016, five local Middlebury-area photographers have been exploring the collections of the Henry Sheldon Museum and found a wealth of inspiring material. more

The Vermont Eagle

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