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PLATTSBURGH | It was last summer when Dale Dowdle could’ve been seen outside of City Hall, brush in hand with a can of wood stain on the ground, retouching the doors of the 101-year-old building as the afternoon slipped into the... Read more

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PLATTSBURGH | Clinton County voters will head to the polls on Nov. 6  to decide a number of local races here... Read more

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PLATTSBURGH | A local law that would have imposed new restrictions on feeding feral cats in the City of Plattsburgh was shot down. Read more

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PLATTSBURGH | A city councilor has proposed a local law that would impose new restrictions on feeding feral cats in the City of Plattsburgh. Read more

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PLATTSBURGH | Volunteer animal rescue group Animal Rescue and Welfare Services (ARWS) last week requested $3,000 from the City of Plattsburgh to help fund their efforts to contain and care for the city’s feral cat population. Read more

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So apparently the 800-number that was put in the paper for animal abuse/neglect does not pertain to cats. Read more

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WARREN COUNTY | Glens Falls supervisor Claudia Braymer said the amount the county budgeted for animal control services from the Warren County SPCA doubled over the last three years and she doesn’t know what the county is getting for its dollar. Read more

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RUTLAND — The Rutland County Humane Society can help people out who have feral cats in their neighborhood. Read more

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PLATTSBURGH — On the hunt for feral cats: local lawmaker, volunteers map city cat colonies Read more

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PLATTSBURGH — Officials are making tracks to solve the city’s feral cat issue. Read more

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PLATTSBURGH — The  Plattsburgh City Fire Department will soon purchase a new $594,339 pumper fire truck and add an addition to their station on South Platt Street. Read more

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MOOERS — Residents are hissing at what they say is an uncontrollable cat problem. Read more

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