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MIDDLEBURY | The Vermont Stone Trail presents a multi-day adventure for rockhounding and history enthusiasts. more

The Vermont Eagle


Photo by Lou Varricchio

MIDDLEBURY | Running from the Carolinas north, through Pennsylvania and New Jersey, and up along the Connecticut Valley—and the eastern side of Vermont, then on into Nova Scotia—are outcrops of the so-called Newark Basin rocks... more

The Vermont Eagle


Whale photo by Greg Hume

CHARLOTTE | Before there was a Lake Champlain there was a prehistoric Lake Vermont and the Champlain Sea. more

The Vermont Eagle

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Photo by Lou Varricchio

“The Connecticut Valley just doesn’t fit an image of a world where bizarre reptiles once menaced their prey, brandishing monstrous teeth and terrible claws,” writes Brendan Hanrahan, author of “...In the Connecticut Valley of the Dinosaurs”. more


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