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LAKE GEORGE | The graduation exercises of Lake George High School Class of 2019 occurring on June 29 focused on the theme “Time Flies,” narrated by seven of the 10 top students of the Class of ‘67 commissioned to talk about past, present and future. Read more

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LAKE GEORGE | Unlike in prior months of March, no adoring fans of Rachael Ray camped out overnight in front of Lake George High School recently to obtain front-row tickets to the celebrity chef’s annual local show. Read more

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LAKE GEORGE — This next week, local youths will be enlightening an area audience about how a century ago local citizens had prominent roles in influencing legislators to guarantee women’s right to vote. Read more

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LAKE GEORGE — Parishioners from three local churches have collaborated to arrange a venue for local youth to engage in after-school activities. Read more

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LAKE GEORGE — Adhering to a theme of tackling challenges and working towards one’s potential, six senior honor students offered their thoughts and advice June 25 during Lake George High School’s 65th graduation ceremonies. Read more

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