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I am a white woman whose grandfather came from Italy to the United States seeking a better life. Read more

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Photo by Keith Lobdell

CHAMPLAIN | A group of seven press corps members crowded into a small room, ready to hear from UN delegates on the fate of North Korean leader Kim Jong Un. Read more

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Is the media “the enemy of the American people,” as Trump has repeatedly claimed? Read more

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The commentary of Dan Alexander in the Aug. 24 publication is very odd, seemingly uneducated. Read more

Letters to the Editor 1 Comments

This is the first Sunshine Week, since it began in 2005, when the public’s right to know has been under direct assault, and on several fronts. Read more

Letters to the Editor

It’s Sunshine Week, the annual celebration designed to shine a light on the importance of a free press, transparency and open government. Read more


The First Amendment to the United States Constitution protects freedom of the press in the United States. Read more

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I feel compelled to respond to a recent letter from fellow New Haven resident Harry Chaucer, beginning with his first sentence, “This past weekend, Mr., Trump claimed that the media is America’s enemy and that it reports fake news.” Read more

Letters to the Editor 1 Comments

Last week, we published a letter to the editor from a local resident who expressed the importance of free press, and criticized the president’s claims of “fake news”. Read more


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