So, it hit the news today that Vermont businesses are not complying with the new “gender neutral” bathroom law. more

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PLATTSBURGH | Fliers advertising what appears to be a white nationalist group, “Patriot Front,” were posted in multiple places around the city this past week... more

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PLATTSBURGH — The journey from transitioning from male to female was a struggle for Kelly Leigh Metzgar. more

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Last week’s column where I suggested that Sanders and Trump might continue their fights to reform the political process by running together on an independent ticket, should their highly popular campaigns be shutdown by the two parties... more

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Gov. Peter Shumlin’s official State of Vermont travel ban to the State of Mississippi didn’t seem to register very high on the Magnolia State’s Richter scale last week. more

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MIDDLEBURY — A French motion picture will get special treatment on the Middlebury College campus next month. more

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