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By Thom Randall

LAKE GEORGE | A realignment of Lake George Central Schools’ administration developed primarily by Superintendent of Schools Lynne Rutnik — a transformation that she says will better address the needs of students and boost curriculum coordination... Read more

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Photo/Saranac Lake Resort LLC

RAY BROOK  —  Adirondack Park Agency Commissioners voted 9 to 1 to approve a permit and variance for Saranac Lake Resort LLC’s new hotel on Lake Flower. Read more

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WESTPORT — John Hall has decided not to appeal the New York Northern Bankruptcy Court Case, which conveyed Westport Golf Course to his brother and sister’s company, Consolidated Mortgage. Read more

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WESTPORT — John Hall, owner of Westport Golf Investors LLC, is appealing last week’s Northern District of New York, U.S. Bankruptcy Court decision to convey Westport Golf Course to his siblings, Robert Hall and Leslie Hall-Butzer. Read more

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