Howie Hawkins

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PLATTSBURGH | Green Party Presidential Candidate Howie Hawkins visited Plattsburgh as part of his campaign last week. He visited and met with supporters at city hall, Olive Ridleys and SUNY Plattsburgh Nov. 20-21. Read more

The Sun

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MIDDLEBURY | In 2017, a series of public discussions, spearheaded by the Vermont Council on Rural Development (VCRD), was an attempt by the nonprofit environmental-action group to influence select Vermont communities in adopting... Read more

The Vermont Eagle

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MIDDLEBURY | If you’re still using paper billing when it comes to paying for your electricity use, well, it’s time to get with the program and have a chance to win some cool stuff. Read more

The Vermont Eagle

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MIDDLEBURY | Supporters of a planned boycott against seven Vermont companies, whose CEOs have publicly supported a state carbon tax, suggest that several state legislators with active links to “green” companies operating within the state have a... Read more

The Vermont Eagle


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PLATTSBURGH | A handful of passionate Plattsburgh City School District students have hatched a plan to reduce their school’s carbon footprint. Read more

The Sun

Vermont and France have at least two attributes in common — both produce world class cheese and both have a low carbon footprint. Read more

The Vermont Eagle


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ESSEX | On a brilliant blue September Sunday, when the dogwood leaves were just starting to turn a ruddy crimson, and goldenrod and purple asters kissed in the breeze... Read more

The Sun


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PLATTSBURGH | The Plattsburgh Common Council has written and released an online survey designed to garner public opinion on imposing a plastic straw ban. Read more

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KEENE | A de facto, all-volunteer energy department for the Town of Keene helped the town council accomplished four clean energy goals in less than a year. Read more

The Sun


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MIDDLEBURY | A typical tourist trip to Vermont might include hiking on the Long Trail, skiing at one of our many resorts, fishing for wild brook trout, visiting a farm, and sampling some of the finest cheese, yogurt, and ice cream. Read more

The Vermont Eagle


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MINERVA | The Adirondack Park Agency and Department of Environmental Conservation are against a rail car storage plan. Read more

The Sun

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