Dan Alexander

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In the past two months since launching our Support for Community Journalism, we’ve heard from 289 readers and they have contributed $9,940 to date. Read more

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Newcomb cafe

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NEWCOMB | Jimmy Schaeffer was passing through Newcomb when the gas lamp on his dashboard lit up, indicating he was low on fuel. Mile after mile went by with nary a pump in sight. Read more

The Sun

Canadian Visitations

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PLATTSBURGH | Fun and games are what Jackie Cameron lives and breathes every day as general manager of the family entertainment center at the Comfort Inn in Plattsburgh. But the push to attract more of our neighbors to the north is leading to... Read more

The Sun

Peter Reed

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GRANVILLE | After five months being vacant, Gov. Phil Scott announced the appointment of Peter Reed (I) to fill the Orange-Washington-Addison House District seat. Reed follows August 2019 resignation of Independent Rep. Ben Jickling. Read more

The Vermont Eagle


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PLATTSBURGH | The city of Plattsburgh has made further strides to become increase its status as a Climate Smart Community. Plattsburgh is one of seven cities in the U.S. to be a Climate Smart Community. Read more

The Sun

Mark Levine

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MIDDLEBURY | The state of Vermont has kicked off a new, online marijuana education campaign that is aimed at the state’s often unreported, high rate of cannabis use. But will it help stem growing marijuana use, especially by young people, locally? Read more

The Vermont Eagle

UVM Crown Point Turkey

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CROWN POINT | It’s counterintuitive, but then again it’s not: You go to the doctor and he writes you a prescription for good food. Read more

The Sun


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MIDDLEBURY | The U.S. government’s interim final rule on growing commercial hemp (cannabis), establishing the U.S. Domestic Hemp Production Program, was announced on Oct. 31. Read more

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