Illegal Aliens

MIDDLEBURY - As reported in my Sept. 27 State House Headliners column, federal opposition to Vermont immigration policies has cost Vermont police an estimated $2.8 million in withheld drug-crime fighting U.S. Department of Justice grants. more

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Twice, reader O’Neill has agonized over democracy “under assault.” more

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This is an ongoing argument in response to Mr. R. Barney over liberal welfare benefits, who pays for them and just who is getting same, legally or illegally. more

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Liberal Democrats, contrary to the opinion expressed by a reader last week, don’t want to “depose” Mr. Trump. more

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Mr. Windle asks me to “get your facts in order.” more

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ELLENBURG | Two Guatemalans were arrested at the Canadian border last week for allegedly attempting to smuggle five Romanians into the country. more

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MIDDLEBURY | Conclusion: The Immigration and Nationality Act 287(a)(3) permits authorities to act without a warrant “within a reasonable distance from any external boundary of the United States” and... more

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MIDDLEBURY | Border-zone legislation recently introduced by U.S. Sens. Patrick Leahy, (D-Vt.), and Patty Murray, (D-Wash.), is drawing sharp criticism from illegal immigration opponents who say the bill would “hamstring” the nation’s immigration enfo more

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PLATTSBURGH | Pamphlets containing information for asylum seekers looking to cross into Canada through an illegal entry point at Roxham Road have materialized in recent weeks. more

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PLATTSBURGH | The North Country Chamber of Commerce has released its annual survey of businesses. more

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PLATTSBURGH | Congress must pass a spending bill in early-February to avoid another government shutdown more

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PLATTSBURGH | Hundreds packed Trinity Park in Plattsburgh last Saturday to rally against the Trump administration and the Republican-led Congress. more

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MIDDLEBURY | According to Roy Beck of Washington, D.C.-based Numbers USA, “Every time President Trump tweets that any DACA (Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals) deal has to include the elimination of chain migration and the Visa lottery ... more

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The number of illegal immigrants seeking asylum status across the Canadian border north of Plattsburgh will this month likely exceed 4,000... more

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MONTPELIER - Immigrants seeking asylum in Canada have been traveling in large numbers to an unmanned border crossing in Champlain, New York, where they are arrested by Canadian police for illegal entry, WCAX reported July 31. more

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Is doing something illegal the same thing as committing a crime? more

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ALBANY — Federal officials have announced the deportation of Mexican national who has illegally entered the United States for the sixth time. more

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President Obama recently joked about the end of our republic. But what if he wasn’t joking? more

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The issue of illegal immigration has Vermonters divided—the division spans everyone from college students, dairy farmers and retail clerks to journalists, construction workers and law enforcement officers, among others. more


The United States of America was built on the basic concept of providing fair and equitable treatment for her citizens. more

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