For those of us who harbor un-Christian sentiments toward any immigrant, I must remind them that the Preamble to the Constitution (the law of the land) opens with the construct “We The People” … not “We The Citizens.” Read more

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Recently, a reader submitted a letter addressing the illegal immigrant situation. Although I welcome national security, the rhetoric and the inflated, false statements are disturbing. Read more

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When Preston, of Essex, is willing to take 100 illegal aliens into her home (Jan. 19 edition), then maybe we all could feel sorry for these wandering tribes. Read more

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For Americans to say we are all immigrants is ludicrous. Read more

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Civil and immigrant rights groups recently announced they are suing the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) secretary... Read more


The following is in response to the letter from Kenneth G. Barcomb published in the Aug. 18 edition of The Sun. Read more

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Kenneth G. Barcomb who recently wrote that conservatives are controlled by “cold logic, not emotions,” had some valid points. Read more

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My heart is broken. I am angry. I am afraid. And I am not alone. Read more

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ALBANY | New York will sue the federal government over the practice of separating children from their parents following their detainment for illegally entering the country. Read more

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