Inauguration day

I agree with Tim Sherman (Letter to the Editor, The Valley News Sun, Jan. 28 edition, “Democrats should live with new best buddies in Cuba”) that Democrats should stop whining about the election results and certainly... more

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By the time this letter is published, Donald J. Trump will have been sworn in as our 45th U.S. President. more

Letters to the Editor

We here at American Veterans National Headquarters in Lanham, Md., are shocked, outraged, and ultimately disappointed to be targeted by vandals, who’ve caused thousands of dollars in property damage to our employees... more

Letters to the Editor

The whining and violence of the left since Trump has won the election is a first in our history. more

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Yes, football is on my mind as I write today on Championship Sunday as four NFL teams battle for the chance to represent their conference in the Superbowl. more

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Your recent editorial (Letter to the Editor, “Enough of Sore Loser Negativism,” by Gary Guido) hit the nail right on the head! more

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Screenshot via Women's March on Washington

MONTPELIER — As the day the new administration takes office nears, nearly 200,000 women have purchased plane tickets, reserved bus seats, orchestrated carpools, and booked hotel rooms to march in Washington DC. more

The Vermont Eagle

We’ve heard it before but it continues to be relevant today, “A house divided against itself can not stand”. more

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