James Comey

Now that Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation is complete and his report has been released to Congress and the American public, policy makers on both sides of the aisle have an opportunity to come together and take actionable steps to... Read more

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Dem challenger calls for Stefanik to push for an independent special prosecutor as controversy continues to roil White House Read more

The Sun


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GLENS FALLS — With just a week until voters head to the polls, candidates for New York’s 21st Congressional District are engaging in a madcap dash to the finish line. Read more

The Sun

Last week was a rough one for many of our citizens. On going issues between Black Lives Matter and law enforcement were underscored by two incidents; one in Louisiana and the other in Minnesota where two black men were shot by police officers. Read more

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MONTPELIER — Gun-rights advocates in Vermont say the push for gun control following the Orlando terrorist attack will ensure losses for Democratic gubernatorial candidates in the November election. Read more

The Vermont Eagle

In last week’s Republican Primary Debate I heard one candidate, on one issue, say something that resonated with me and I feel is the single most missing ingredient from politics today. Read more

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