Lake Bomoseen

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Photo by Lou Varricchio

CASTLETON | The self-described “vicious circle” of New York City satirists, libertines and misanthropes called the Algonquin Round table also included stock membership with the now-defunct Neshobe Island Club on Lake Bomoseen. Read more

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Eagle photo by Cindy Alger

The Bomoseen State Park Ice Fishing Festival was held last week along the icy shore of Lake Bomoseen. Read more

The Vermont Eagle

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Photo courtesy of Vermont Dept. of Environmental Conservation

MONTPELIER — According to Josh Mulhollem, a staff scientist with the Vermont, Department of Environmental Conservation, an invasive clam species has been found alive and thriving in Lake Bomoseen. Read more

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SALISBURY — Beginning during the late 1800s and early 1900s, Vermont’s pristine lakes became popular destinations for summer travelers. Read more

The Vermont Eagle


Bobby Quillard/Anderson Group Public Relations

LAKE BOMOSEEN – Johnathan Goldsmith, the famous actor (popularly known as the man who plays The Most Interesting Man in The World) will be at Woodard Marine in Lake Bomoseen, VT (Saturday- Noon-2pm) supporting Hunger Free Vermont. Read more

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