Larry Bollback


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POTTERSVILLE — Prominent area citizen Harry Bollback, 94 — a veteran, a missionary and co-founder of the worldwide Word of Life Ministries — was honored by about 85 people gathered to watch a “Hometown Hero” banner be installed on a utility pole. Read more

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    Gathering to honor Harry Bollback (front, center) at the Sept. 30 installation of his ‘Hometown Hero’ banner in Pottersville, were family members (rear, left to right): John Nelson, Suely Cecil, Cindi Bollback, Larry Bollback, and Elizabeth Nelson.

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    Larry Bollback (left and town employee Brett Hitchcock install a banner recognizing Larry’s father, Harry Bollback, for his service in the Marine Corps in World War II. Harry served in combat as a radio operator in the Battle of Peleliu, in which 9,800 U.S. soldiers died or were wounded — about 40 percent of all American forces deployed there. The banner hangs on a utility pole in Pottersville at the intersection of Route 9 and Glendale Road.