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ELIZABETHTOWN — Despite the results of one major countywide race still hanging in the balance, candidates and party officials say they’re primed to get out the vote ahead of this November’s general election. more

The Sun

ESSEX COUNTY — The entry of independent candidates into the pool of local races has firmed up the ballot for this year’s election cycle. Here’s how the independent office seekers have shaken up the field. more

The Sun

Well, if you’ve read the inaugural August 8th edition of the Valley News, The Sun, you would have discovered a huge controversy surrounding the election process for the Essex County Clerk position. more

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Following a flap at the board of elections last month that saw the county’s two election commissioners disagree over the procedure for reviewing ballot objections, a new process will now be instituted, reported the commissioners on Monday. more

The Sun

Essex County candidates Brian Barrett and Luke Hudak, running for County Judge and County Clerk, respectively, expect to conduct vigorous campaigns this fall. more

Letters to the Editor

If you’re afraid that your candidate can’t win on his or her merits, sometimes your best option is to go all-out prevent a contest. more

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