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QUEENSBURY — The Warren County Board of Supervisors has appointed former supervisor-at-large William VanNess to take on the position of county Republican Elections Commissioner. more

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QUEENSBURY — Counting of absentee and provisional ballots that were impounded immediately following the Nov 8 election resumed this week, updating vote tallies for several close local races. more

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QUEENSBURY — The final results of several races in the Nov. 8 election were put on hold this week, as a court order halted the counting of absentee and provisional ballots across an 11-county region. more

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WARREN COUNTY — The two election commissioners reminded area voters this week about resolutions that will be considered locally — while they voiced assurances that local citizens’ votes will be tabulated with a high degree of accuracy and security. more

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QUEENSBURY — It’s approaching three years since Warren’s County’s Twitter feed had any current information. The last tweet came Aug. 21, 2013, informing the public of an Economic Growth and Development meeting. more

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