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ELIZABETHTOWN | Home health appears to be taking off in Essex County. more

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ELIZABETHTOWN | Candidates are refining their health care pitches in the waning days of the race for New York’s 21st Congressional District. more

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Although it is not illegal to not reside, now or ever, in the congressional district that you represent, I find it ironic to see the (R-Willsboro) after Rep. Stefanik’s name. more

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PLATTSBURGH | Marc Molinaro touched down in Plattsburgh last week and met with voters in a town hall-style session. more

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At periods of political crisis, the genius of the U.S. Constitution shines through. more

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The following is in response to the letter from Kenneth G. Barcomb published in the Aug. 18 edition of The Sun. more

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PLATTSBURGH | Once an ally of Gov. Andrew Cuomo, former Syracuse Mayor Stephanie Miner now wants his job. more

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PLATTSBURGH | Larry Sharpe asks the same question at every campaign stop: more

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“Overcharged: Why Americans Pay Too Much for Health Care” is a fast-paced 435-page trip through the underbelly of the health care industry, the policies that shape it, and their often undesirable and overly costly results. more

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ELIZABETHTOWN | The Essex County Board of Supervisors is bringing the county’s proposed Tobacco 21 law back to a vote. more

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MONTPELIER | Vermont and ten other states have enacted legislation classifying independent, in-house personal care providers as state workers eligible to form labor unions. more

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WILLSBORO | Marc Molinaro has had a busy summer, alternating between news conferences excoriating state corruption and traveling upstate meeting with farmers and regular voters. more

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QUEENSBURY | Hudson Headwaters was heading towards an iceberg following the pending expiration of a Affordable Care Act-related funding stream for community health centers. more

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PLATTSBURGH | A sixth defendant has been arraigned on federal conspiracy charges related to a sweeping Medicaid fraud scheme. more

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ELIZABETHTOWN | Phantom trips and cash kickbacks are among the tactics authorities allege the owners and drivers of at least 10 cab companies in the Adirondacks have been using for years to defraud the state of millions. more

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ELIZABETHTOWN | At least eight people have been arrested and arraigned on charges related to what authorities allege is a wide-ranging criminal conspiracy to defraud Medicaid. more

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As Vermont prepares for the July 1 legalization of “personal possession” of marijuana and next year’s looming legislative battle over full commercial cultivation and sale, there’s more bad news about the impact of marijuana use on suicide and traffic more

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PLATTSBURGH | Congress must pass a spending bill in early-February to avoid another government shutdown more

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Opiates continue to have the country in a chokehold. more

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For the past year, Gov. Andrew Cuomo has been on a warpath, leading a crusade against what he views as a “federal assault” on health care, the environment and social justice issues. more


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