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TICONDEROGA | If you love what you do,  why not work until — oh, say the age of 96? On a Sunday in late August, Grace Trombley played and sang at the Ticonderoga First United Methodist Church, the capstone on a musical career that began 82 years... Read more

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TICONDEROGA | When you walk up Father Jogues Street on the backside of Main Street and get a view of St. Mary’s Catholic Church, you might just notice your jaw has dropped in awe. The structure is a Ticonderoga gem. Read more

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TICONDEROGA | Not everyone shares equally in a good economy. Some jobs don’t pay, some people are unable to work and others encounter a run of bad luck. For them, food pantries exist to provide three days worth of food as a bridge when food stamps... Read more

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The national American Legion was founded in 1919, 100 years ago this year. Within months of that first charter, Essex County veterans of World War I came together to secure benefits, outreach, policy, education and community support... Read more

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