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LAKE PLACID | Long-time Lake Placid residents turned out at a public hearing last week in defense of traditional neighborhoods and a small-town way of life that they said are being swallowed up and destroyed by short-term rental properties... Read more

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Vermont and France have at least two attributes in common — both produce world class cheese and both have a low carbon footprint. Read more

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Rutland County State Sen. Brian P. Collamore, in an article, “A new session in Montpelier: Part two” in the Dec. 22 issue of the Vermont (Addison) Eagle newspaper, lamented how the Republicans lost in the state and in Rutland county and speculated... Read more

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WHALLONSBURG | Candidate offers stump speech, therapy session to small crowd of progressive activists in Whallonsburg Read more

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Let’s continue with a discussion started last week. Read more

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As a lifelong Republican, I think current tax plans are misleadingly packaged as a tax cut for the poor and middle class. Read more

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Congress has done it once more, and the present administration has joined in! Read more

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Congress has taken it upon itself to produce for us the most profound tax reform in more than a generation. I wish them well, but I have my concerns. Read more

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The House tax bill will provide huge benefits for the wealthy and for corporations, while any benefits to middle-class taxpayers are questionable. Read more

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ELIZABETHTOWN | House Republicans rolled out their tax reform plan last week. Read more

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“The men and women of this country who toil are the ones who bear the cost of the government...” —President Calvin Coolidge Read more


Municipal discussions inevitably center around taxation and spending. So does the value proposition. Read more

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RUTLAND — Vermont’s dirty little secret is out in the open. The Green Mountain State is the victim of a demographic shift. Read more

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