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When November rolls around, I like to buy my copy of the New Year’s Farmer’s Almanac at the local supermarket. Read more


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Last weekend during the heatwave, I had the chance to watch several television programs on the 50th anniversary of the NASA moon landing by Apollo 11. Read more

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This month marks 50 years since the Apollo 8 circumnavigated the Moon. Read more

The Vermont Eagle

Everyone wants a peek into the future Read more

The Vermont Eagle


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MIDDLEBURY |  Middlebury College and seven other undergraduate institutions are now affiliated with the Association of Universities for Research in Astronomy, or AURA... Read more

The Vermont Eagle

Here’s an interesting insight into the arcane world of global renewable energy politics, based on the Oct. 30 column in Forbes by widely-read energy blogger Rod Adams. Read more

The Vermont Eagle

Mars may need women, at least according to the 1967 sci-fi B movie, “Mars Needs Women”, but Vermont needs more young people and middle-class families — that is, more people paying taxes and fees. Read more

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MIDDLEBURY — Vermont residents are in for a backyard treat this month: Three planets, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn, can be seen in the night sky until a little after local midnight. Read more

The Vermont Eagle


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RUTLAND – The 54-year-old female student—you might call her one of life’s late bloomers—will travel to NASA’s Langley Research Center to participate in NCAS, the NASA Community College Aerospace Scholars program. Read more

The Vermont Eagle