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At periods of political crisis, the genius of the U.S. Constitution shines through. more

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MIDDLEBURY | Border-zone legislation recently introduced by U.S. Sens. Patrick Leahy, (D-Vt.), and Patty Murray, (D-Wash.), is drawing sharp criticism from illegal immigration opponents who say the bill would “hamstring” the nation’s immigration enfo more

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PLATTSBURGH | The Canadian government has signed an agreement that will expedite travel and commerce at the U.S. and Canadian border. more

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In the spring, I expressed my belief that Donald Trump was not acceptable as my next president. I will not repeat all the reasons listed earlier, but I still cannot vote for him. I believe he is a grave danger to our national security. more

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In late August, Judicial Watch the Washington, D.C.-based conservative, non-partisan foundation, submitted a list of direct questions to presidential candidate Hillary Clinton via a U.S. District Court judge. more


President Obama recently joked about the end of our republic. But what if he wasn’t joking? more

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After returning home from active duty, retired army colonel Mike Derrick faces one final mission — defeating Rep. Elise Stefanik more

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