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MIDDLEBURY - This year, Republican candidates like Jack Williams and Brook Paige weren’t the only ones worried about left-wing radicalism creeping into Vermont’s politics. Read more

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Photo by Elizabeth Izzo

PLATTSBURGH | Fliers advertising what appears to be a white nationalist group, “Patriot Front,” were posted in multiple places around the city this past week... Read more

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Photo by Kim Dedam

ELIZABETHTOWN | “He was the best teacher I had in my whole life,” Dr. Herbert Savel said of the man who taught him to hold a straight gouge or bent blade and pull life portraits from a block of wood. Read more

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Photo by Keith Lobdell

ELIZABETHTOWN | Rabbi Alec Friedmann was not alive when the Holocaust took place, but he has felt the affects it had on his parents from youth. Read more

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