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The first Democrat presidential debates for 2020 have been announced, and it sounds more like a 2-card, free-for-all mud wrestling event than a professional interview process for selecting the party’s ultimate candidate. Read more

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Just last week, the ‘smart money’ in Montpelier was saying the ‘tax and regulate’ marijuana legalization train couldn’t be stopped. No matter how many real-life problems were raised, the momentum was said to be unstoppable. Read more

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MIDDLEBURY | Frank Bruni, an op-ed columnist for the New York Times, discussed the effects of identity politics and the importance of free speech in a free lecture on Jan. 9, at 7 p.m., in Wilson Hall... Read more

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Six months after a pair of tariffs imposed by the Trump administration raised Canadian newsprint imports prices by roughly 30 percent, the ill-advised policies have begun to extract some scalps. Read more



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We used to get an endorphin rush from watching likes, follows and shares stream in on social media. Read more

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The second presidential debate between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton on Oct. 9 was among the most dark and dreary we’ve ever seen, and we admit we were sitting on the edge of our seats for the first 15 minutes watching this surreal spectacle. Read more

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