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PLATTSBURGH | Attorney General Letitia James announced a guilty plea in a contempt of court proceeding May 8 that found that Christopher Crowningshield was illegally taking advantage of asylum seekers. Read more

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Teams start 2019 season with PHS, Ticonderoga and Lake Placid as defending champs Read more



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PLATTSBURGH | A Morrisonville-based cab company is allegedly continuing to price gouge refugees seeking passage to the Canadian border despite being dinged by the state last year for the same practice. Read more

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PLATTSBURGH | The number of refugees crossing into Canada at Roxham Road in Champlain is declining. Read more

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PLATTSBURGH — County officials last week inked a deal with Lyft, giving the company permission to operate at the Plattsburgh International Airport. Read more

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“We’re in the process of calling in all companies registered to operate in the city,” says Plattsburgh City Police Chief Read more

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