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Photo by Greystone Construction

VERGENNES | Thanks to an allocation of $2.2 million in federal taxpayer-funds earmarked for municipal projects, the City of Vergennes will be getting a new salt shed to store the winter season road additive. Read more

The Vermont Eagle

Your April 19 article ("A Carbon Tax in 2017?") contains some incorrect statements and omissions. Read more

Letters to the Editor

When asked why most children fall in love with dinosaurs,’s science expert Bob Strauus came up with three intriguing reasons: “1. Dinosaurs are big, scary—and extinct, 2. Dinosaurs get to do what they want, and 3. Dinosaurs leave really cool skeletons.” Read more

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A giant African termite mound, on display at Vermont’s Montshire Museum, illustrates nature’s way of making efficient, sustainable living. Read more

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