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PLATTSBURGH | The Adirondack North Country Pride Parade returns next weekend. more

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LAKE GEORGE | Retaining jail guards and recruiting people to take on the position has become a significant problem in Warren County, area law enforcement officials warned county supervisors last week. more

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PLATTSBURGH | Ben Stiller’s production company is footing the bill for traffic control costs associated with filming their mini-series around the county last month. more

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As the White House lurches from crisis to crisis, and Congress finds they cannot pass legislation despite holding a one-party majority, we can be forgiven for thinking that Washington, D.C. is frozen in a state of inaction and paralysis. more



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Richard Ferguson is a long-term caregiver. He’s burned out, the walls are closing in — and new overtime regulations have slashed his income and threatened his partner with institutionalization more

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As the Trump vs. Clinton battle royale for the White House enters the summer stretch, it can be easy to overlook what the current administration is doing. more


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